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What is Speckpater?

Speckpater is the founder of Aid to the Church in Need. Here is his story of safely landing in a plane in Africa, which is very similar to the Bible Dave story. There is a youtube video here. Here is the story of how became known as the bacon priest. Speckpater is a fork of Bible Dave which is a Christian Coders game. It is a good example of what Pygame can do. A pilot has to find all the bibles without dying. We want to add a feature that:

  • When a Bible is found a scripture quote is given.
  • Some bibles found are damaged. The player is given an incomplete scripture quote. If the player completes the quote, then the bible is retained. If not it is lost.
  • There will be 50 possible quotes. Each game uses 20 of these randomly. Each bible chooses one of these 20. There is a one in four chance for a bible to be damaged, so the player is given an incomplete quote.

Current Tasks:

  • Finish the graphics for the game
  • Most of the code for the scripture quotes is working. We just need to get it to work when a bible is picked up.
  • Add the correct credits.
  • Have the program working.
  • Package the game so it can be installed.

Getting Involved

Join this project. Send a message on the mailing list that you want to get involved. You will then be contacted. The code can be found here.The skills required for this project are programming and graphics.


For programming:

  • Eclipse
  • Python 2.5
  • Pygame

For graphics:

  • GIMP/Photoshop

Skills Development:

We can help you develop the skills needed. See the Python Education page for details.


Send a message on the playtime mailing list or contact any of the team.