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  last modified March 28, 2010 by michael

The latest version is at http://svn.oblateyouth.com.au/svn/makechar/trunk/



Follow the install on http://pythoncard.sourceforge.net/installation.html

This will also give the right link for wxwidgets.


Get the latest Blender from http://www.blender.org/

What to do

What we want to do for now is, currently the makeapp.py script creates the character from each of the directions for each of the animation sequences. What we want to do is to set the final resolution size using pythoncard. I have created a simple pythoncard shell for this already. We can either integrate the script into python card, or find a way to pass the variables (width, height in pixels) to the script which will modify blender so the exported images are that size. The other way could be to use PIL to just go through all the created images and shink/expand them, but that is double handling and we want to do more blender manipulations later anyway.

You can have a look at the makeapp.py script here